• Everything You Need to Know About Balcony Glazing Systems

        Are you tired of harsh weather conditions that limit your enjoyment of your balcony space? Look no further because a balcony glazing system can solve all your problems. With over 15 years experience in the industry, our company designs state-of-the-art balcony glazing systems that provide pro...
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  • Slim frame aluminium sliding door-JR70T

    Slim frame aluminium sliding door-JR70T

    Slim frame aluminium sliding doors are stackable sliding doors of multiple panels that slide and stack neatly to one or two sides. This allows for a seamless transition between indoors and outside entertainment areas free of any barrier or obstruction. With multiple combination openings of up to ...
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  • Aluminum bi-folding door-JR70T

    Aluminum bi-folding door-JR70T

        Aluminum bi-folding door-JR70T not only beautiful and easy, and varied in styles and convenient to use, which can save the occupied area of the door. Usualy Aluminum bi-folding door-JR70T applies in the region of the small family kitchen, bathroom, or toilet. Kitchen and toilet area is r...
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  • Rolling shutter-Kinzon60

    Rolling shutter-Kinzon60

    Rolling shutter-Kinzon60 Aluminum Rolling Shutter Door 1. Dimension: can be customized 2. System option: tubular motor driving system, manual tape control system, crank control system 3. Slats option: 37mm, 45mm, 55mm. 4. Maxi width: 2200~3500mm. 5. Maxi height: 3000~3500mm. 6. Maxi coverage: 5.4...
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  • aluminum pergola

    aluminum pergola

    Pergolas are garden structures outside you home that improve the look of your house. Pergola Finzone comprises of tools and materials that can help you create and design beautiful looking pergolas, usually some stylish structure used often to make the outside of your house more appealing. It’s us...
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  • Glass folding door

    Glass folding door

    1. The glass folding door is stylish and has good lighting The glass folding door slides to open, is easy to install, and has the characteristics of good beauty, green and environmental protection. In places with insufficient lighting, glass folding doors can be used to improve the efficiency of ...
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  • Advantages of frameless balcony Windows

    Advantages of frameless balcony Windows

    Advantages of frameless balcony Windows (1) Good lighting: Through experimental tests, the lighting effect of inclined roof Windows is more than 10% higher than that of normal Windows. The light can be turned on later every day. Enjoy the stars of the night together to add to the fun.   (2) ...
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  • The company has updated its products

    The company has updated its products

    Recently, Finzone has upgraded its products. While keeping the original design of the products, it has added more safety designs, greatly increasing the durability and safety of the products. Interested partners can browse more product information on our official website, looki...
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  • Latest situation of building materials industry

    Latest situation of building materials industry

    Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently released data shows that in the first three quarters of this year, the growth rate of building materials industry has turned from negative to positive, and economic efficiency has been improving, reflecting China’s economic recovery i...
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  • Venezuelan Guest Visit Record

    Venezuelan Guest Visit Record

    On April 28, a Venezuelan partner in China came to our company to visit our frameless products and left a valuable photo. Recently, the pneumonia virus is threatening the health and safety of all mankind. After nearly two months of hard work, Chinese people and Chinese medical and nursing personn...
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  • Welcome Mr.vincenzo to Kinzon

    Welcome Mr.vincenzo to Kinzon

    Mr.vincenzo visited the showroom and factory of our company on 30th Oct. 2019. We have a great agree about to develop the local market and hope we can cooperate in near future.
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    The 22nd China (Guangzhou) International Architectural Decoration Expo will continue to hold high the banner of innovation and environmental protection, set an example for the building materials industry, let energy conservation and environmental protection is the direction of building materials ...
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